Northwest Arctic Borough School District Concrete Slab- Kotzebue AK, 2014
Time lapse video of the concrete slab poured for the Northwest Arctic School District’s new building in Kotzebue.

Swan Lake Boat Harbor- Kotzebue AK, 2012/2013
Drake Construction excavated the existing lake to a depth of eight feet to increase usability of the Swan Lake Boat Harbor. As part of the project, Drake Construction also constructed a parking lot and boat launch ramp to improve access. Additionally, materials removed from excavation activities are being used to create a recreation area slated for future completion.



City of Kotzebue Lift Station Projects-Kotzebue, AK 2013
Drake Construction completed the demolition and construction of three sanitary lift stations.



Kotzebue IRA / Multiplate culvert repair-Kotzebue, AK 2009
Replace a 13 ft. multiplate culvert with three 7 ft. culverts, build a concrete headwall and associated earthwork, including coffer dam, rip-rap, and demo and re-install of guardrail system.

City of Kotzebue / Front Street Water Loop and services project-Kotzebue, AK 2008/09
Contracted with the City of Kotzebue to replace the old Front Street watermain loop with a new 8″ HDPE mainline, and replace 127 existing water services with new HDPE services. Also included is a reroute of local sewer main, various sewer services, and manhole installation.

City of Kotzebue / Uptown Loop and services project-Kotzebue, AK 2005/06/07
Contracted with the City of Kotzebue to replace the old Uptown watermain loop with a new 8″ HDPE mainline, and replace 221 existing water services with new HDPE services. Also included is 500 LF of new sewermain, various sewer services, and manhole installation.

National Park Service / Heritage Center Demolition, Piling, and Utility-Kotzebue, AK 2005
Contracted with the National Park Service to demolish the former NANA museum in Kotzebue. This two story structure was taken down and hauled out while salvaging some of the building materials for use on future NPS projects. Also included were the extraction of 20 foundation piling, installation of 151 new thermopile, and sewer and water services. Also included in the contract was the construction of a new building pad, sewer and water services, and a new pump/lift station for a new maintenance shop to be built along with the new Heritage Center in the future.

Shishmaref Erosion Protect Revetment-Shishmaref, AK 2005
Project completed for the Corps of Engineers, Haul armor rock from Nome to Shishmaref and place in 175′ long revetment along the shore to protect the school facilities from the Chukchi Sea. Project included supplying armor rock, class B and core aggregates. Sloped beach area and placed revetment while maintaining residential housing that was adjacent to the construction site.

UIC Construction, LLC / Kotzebue High/Middle School-Kotzebue, AK 2004
Provide all site work, culvert drainage, and pile foundation for new middle/high school addition to the existing school building. Installed 149 thermopile, completed site work for drainage, and parking. Also included was multiple services for sewer and water to the new additions.

National Park Service / WEAR Maintenance Facility-Kotzebue, AK 2004
Project for the National Park Service included moving a bunkhouse, installing a new triodetic foundation, installing gravel pads, also as part of the contract was installation of manholes, arctic pipe, and pump station. Supplied a new 4″ HDPE main for the NPS facility, as well as a duplex pump station that tied into the existing City sewage infrastructure. Sewer and water laterals were installed to four buildings on the property, relocation of two existing fire hydrants was also completed.

City of Kotzebue / Sewage Lagoon-Kotzebue, AK 2003
Project consisted of additional borrow fill to increase the height of the existing dikes around the City’s sewer lagoons. Work included delivering borrow fill, grading, compacting, and some incidental piping and manhole work.

QAP / Ted Stevens Way Upgrade-Kotzebue, AK 2003
Sub-contractor to Quality Asphalt to complete upgrades to roadway including borrow fill, culvert installation, concrete supply, and rip rap erosion protection placement. Overall project consisted of preparing and paving 1 mile of road with sidewalks, curb and gutter, and signage.

City of Kotzebue-Kotzebue, AK 2002
Completed two pump stations for the City of Kotzebue. Entailed two new pump stations, building enclosures, control panels, electrical, and concrete slab work.


Drake Construction has also provided and completed hundreds of other smaller projects over the years- ranging in price from $5,000.00 to $500,000.00. Drake Construction has also completed contracts with the FAA, State of Alaska DOT/PF, Northwest Arctic Borough School District, Department of Defense, Northwest Arctic Borough, State of Alaska DEC, National Guard, local businesses, and private individuals.